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Oasis (definition)

...something serving as a refuge, relief, or change from what is usual,  annoying, or difficult

Garrett Ministries is a ministry of Polished Arrow Christian Endeavors, a Not-For-Profit Corporation in the state of Illinois

General Information

Garrett Ministries is a preaching, teaching, going, and sending organization of Dr. Jim and Cheri Garrett and is an Evangelistic, Discipling, Teaching and Equipping, Encouraging, and Restoring Ministry whose Intent is to Shape a Generation of Children, Teens, College Students, and Adults into a Mighty, Healthy Army for the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission: To Equip, Encourage, and Restore

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940 Kentland Dr. Mansfield, OH  44906

419.346.2069 Cell

pastor@oasischicago.org - cheri@oasischicago.org